Photo Joiner – Multiple photos make together

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Photo Joiner is one example of how photography has evolved into an art form similar to traditional art. Photo Joiner has struggled for years to be recognized as an original art form, mainly through demonstrating the similarities between photography and traditional art. Photo Joiner is one method we can connect photos with different types of media, and this is the place where college meets photography!

Photo Joiner is a lot more than just taking many photos and putting the pictures together to make “art.’ Photo Joiner is a thinking approach and should be performed in a particular manner to qualify as a legitimate joining.

Photo Joiner is the combination between collage and photography. In simple terminology, Photo Joiner is an art form that uses two or more distinct photographs of the same image to make a bigger image by physically overlaying them or digitally joining the two images. You might have seen joiner photography displayed in art galleries or street art.

This style of photography was created in the 1980s when English artist David Hockney first introduced it. Hockney began to create intricate collages of photos called “joiners.” His first collages were grid-like compositions that were made of polaroid photos. He later changed to film photography in 35mm format and made collages to produce more abstract images of his captured scenes. Joiner photo is an approach to blending photography and collage.