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JS Paint – Painting Editor

JS Paint is an internet-based version of MS Paint by Isaiah Odhner. Find out more about the project and other features on the README. Request features and submits issues on GitHub or via email. Microsoft Paint is the default graphics editor pre-installed on all Windows versions. It has evolved into one of the most distinctive emblems of the operating system with time.

Other than some minor graphics retouches in the time from Windows 95 to Windows Vista, Paint has always remained the same. It is only on Windows 7 that it has gone through a substantial revamp of the graphic interface and increased features without affecting its functionality which is still comparable to the older versions.

Beginning with Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft has decided to update the way it uses its default graphics editor, introducing Paint 3D that compared to the standard Paint that allows you to draw in a three-dimensional drawing by adding 3D-like shapes and figures to color, move and alter the size at the will of.

Even with Paint 3D, the classic Paint version was accessible in Windows 10, even in the most recent Fall Creators Update. Microsoft has declared that it will soon remove the old Paint to make way for the latest version and remove it from the list of an application that is pre-installed in Windows 10’s operating system. Instead, it will be available as a free download from the Windows Store as a third-party application.