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FlipAnim Online Editor

After completing his first animated, named Default Avatar, at the time of his joining, FlipAnim has created over 36 animations. FlipAnim would later come up with FlipBird, an animation that shocked everyone at the time and consisted of a game that could be played on FlipAnim. Before he created FlipBird, FlipAnim created an avatar for the Christmas season.

He has corrected various mistakes and uploaded animations that ran overtime, like Pan Bernard and Switched hype!. Also, he created Let’s Draw! It is believed to be an anim that allows users to collaborate and draw with others. Everyone created the account; however, the anim is on FlipAnim’s account since it’s an alternate account.

On December 31st, 2018, FlipAnim introduced the Beta Editor and made it a New Year’s present for 2019. After some adjustments, the Beta Editor got its second update on May 14th, 2019.

On the 19th day of January, In 2020, FlipAnim altered the website address using the HTTPS code. FlipAnim would later include pausing/playing (video editing).

A few days ago, pictures and text were incorporated into animated anims through a code inserted via Inspect. This “hack” was highly damaging to the site. Therefore FlipAnim was forced to temporarily close the Old Editor down on the 16th of April 2021* (*The Old editor was used to process images and text). The hacker later introduced blocking of the website.

FlipAnim has an unofficial identity that is drawn by a lot of fans. FlipAnim has a blue outline, which is a reference to the character’s Blah animation, as well as the whole body. FlipAnim also has the crown, which signifies that FlipAnim has the title of “king” of FlipAnim. FlipAnim itself draws himself in an unassuming blue-outlined face.

FlipAnim tended to upload animations during 2017 and 2018. He ceased to be active in the year 2019. His primary focus is to repair his site through announcements about updates or fixes. FlipAnim isn’t uploading regular animations as he did before.