Cutout Pro – Remove the background from your photos! Online Editor is for context. These applications aim to create an accurate image of the subject in an image and then overlay that subject on an unobtrusive background. The subject is usually placed on a separate layer from the background, which permits the backdrop to be changed in any way. If you’d like your pet to appear floating around the universe, then this is how you’d achieve it!

Traditionally cutting out the subject could be done using a standalone program or as a feature integrated within an editing software (aka “not for free”). is unique in that is the fact that it is entirely free (with limitations, obviously, but we’ll discuss this in the future); however, it’s built into a web-based application, not a software that is installed on your personal computer. You don’t need computer and software compatibility, yay!

It was developed by self-proclaimed “techno maniacs,” was created to “rely on artificial intelligence and computer vision” to precisely find any subject (and effectively remove it from the background). offers different pricing plans for videos and images. There are three plans for images: the free plan and the subscription plan, and the pay-as-you-go plan. A free plan would offer one credit, a single photo editing. Paid plans such as subscription plans provide the option of 40 credits per month at $5.00.

The video plans come in two plans: the free one and the recharge account. The free account gives you the option of a five-second video edit. The recharge plan begins at $19 per minute of background cleaning with no expiration. is an excellent tool with a lot of features. It also allows you to remove background images on videos, meaning you don’t have to worry about shooting with the wrong background again.